During Worship

Children's Ministry

Newborn to 24 Months

An attended nursery is offered every Sunday during our large group gathering from 10:30-11:45 a.m. in our Kids Village. Infants and toddlers (up through 2 years old) will be loved, cared for, and played with by our gracious volunteers. Every person who brings a child to the attended nursery has the option to take a pager so you can be quickly reached in the event that your little one needs you.

Sundays 10:30-11:45 a.m.

Kids Praise

Kids Praise is a worship service designed for kids three years old through kids currently in kindergarten. Guests and visitors are welcome to join us! Check in is required for everyone at the kiosks or welcome desk. Please use a check-in kiosk before services start and place the nametag on your child.

We will dismiss for Kids Praise during worship in the auditorium. Worship starts at 10:30 and we will dismiss before the sermon.

Kids Praise is offered the first four Sundays of each month, with a few exceptions. Kids Praise will not meet on 5th Sundays of each month. We will also not meet during the month of August. There may be from time to time other Sundays that we will not meet as well. When Kids Praise does not meet we call it Family Worship Sunday and coloring pages will be available at the welcome desk. During Family Worship Sundays we realize it may be different during worship service, but you are wonderful example of worshipping God, enjoy this time together.

Children's Ministry